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Our Resourcing Approach

Realizing our goal of matching our candidates with our corporates means cultivating a resourcing ethos that:

Our resourcing guiding principles revolve around:

Confidentiality – we have an uncompromising approach towards protecting our clients’ privileged information.
Integrity – at Milton Resourcing, we believe honesty is the only policy. Our clients constitute the lifeblood of our company and future success.
Commitment – we maintain an unwavering commitment to our clients. Our commitment also extents to offering timely feedback to our clients regardless of whether it is positive or negative.

Our holistic candidate sourcing allows us to connect with our clients on a personal, solutions-driven, advisory level, helping them achieve their desired objectives.

Our process is designed to identify quality candidates and corporates. We value corporate who display a genuine interest in their personnel and a desire to help their employees reach their full potential. Our quality candidates undergo a stringent interview process with our team prior to being sent to our corporates. Our corporates do not hire for past success, they hire for future success. Ambition is an integral factor in our assessment criteria as employees are more likely to contribute to the success of our corporates if they are looking for success too. Cultural fit is of utmost importance in our resourcing approach. Our corporate want candidates that they (management and the employees at large) can enjoy working with on a daily basis.