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The danger of not telling the truth in interviews

South Africa has a high unemployment rate which stands at over 24%. This unemployment rate results not only in stress for the unemployed but desperation as well. This showing and feeling of hopelessness can lead to people acting out of character in a bid to help themselves.

The consultants at Milton Resourcing interview each candidate prior to sending them to any of our clients. The interview process tests the technical ability of the candidate as well as their personalities. One of the core factors that we look for in our personality tests is the ability for the person to tell the truth. The ability to be honest regardless of whether the answer is favourable or not.

It is often said that we live in a very small world however people take that for granted. The truth is the world has become much smaller through technology. Social Media brings people together regardless of their geographical spread and at the click of a button, information can be found about most people. Beware!!!

Getting back to telling the truth, a candidate should never underestimate the interviewer as just a recruitment consultant. The one question that each of our consultants ask themselves after meeting a candidate is: “Did the candidate tell me the truth, do I believe what he/she said?” If the answer to this question is no, Milton Resourcing does not risk placing the candidate before its clients. One of the core principles of our resourcing approach is:

Integrity - at Milton Resourcing, we believe honesty is the only policy. Our clients constitute the lifeblood of our company and future success.

The next time you think of “winging it” in an interview, do consider that it could be detrimental to your chances of getting employment and relieving you of some of life’s stress. Tell the truth, people are more likely to sympathise with you.

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